getting started

The journey to get started at Reckless CrossFit is as easy as sending us an email or picking up the phone.

1. Contact Us
Contact Coach Brittany to schedule your first FREE session
Submit your information online or call 630.608.7423
Drop in and visit us at 407 E South St, Plano to talk to our coaches and athletes

2. Come in for your first FREE session

The second stage is to come in for a free 45 minute assessment. This is where we get to you know you, go through some of our basic functional movements, and decide what is the best path for you to start your journey at Reckless CrossFit.

3. Decide your path to start at Reckless CrossFit
To get started you must complete either
1. On Ramp Program
2. Personal Training

After you complete the On Ramp Program or Personal Training you will join in on normal group classes.

For a more individualized experience:
1. Personal Programming
2. Personal Training

Whichever you choose, the first stage is to pick up the phone and schedule your first FREE session!

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