Reckless CrossFit Satellite Programming – $30/month

Access to our Reckless CrossFit daily Strength program & WOD. This option will provide non-members access to all of Reckless CrossFit’s daily Strength program and daily WOD programmed by Coach Josh.

Satellite Programming is ideal for:

Competitive CrossFit Athletes that are looking to improve their performance

Everyday CrossFit Athletes that are looking to follow a solid programming structure that is designed to improve one’s overall fitness; balancing strength, Olympic lifting, gymnastics skills, running, rowing, and endurance work. Scaled versions of each workout will be provided.

The daily Reckless Strength & WOD are posted on our private Facebook page. Access to a Facebook account is required to participate. With this program you will have the opportunity to communicate among other athletes who are also following in Reckless CrossFit’s Satellite Programming.

Once you are registered, we will add you to our private Facebook page where the workouts will be posted each morning. Within the group you have the opportunity to talk about the daily workout, share ideas, technique work, ask questions, and discuss your progress. Advice and tips will be posted frequently by Reckless coaches. Wherever you train – your garage, your backyard, at school, overseas, or at your affiliate, we want to welcome you to our Reckless family.

To register contact Coach Brittany at